Video Dating Interviews

A video dating interview is used to enhance your online dating profiles. Pictures are great, but a video will show more than a photo ever can. Users with video interviews also tend to get more attention and a better response than those with just photos alone. Some dating services actually require a video interview just to be a member. This is common with professional matchmaking services. Here are a few tips for your video dating interview.

Look Your Best

Even if you’re a simple ‘jeans and t-shirt’ type person, you want to step this up a notch or two for the interview. You don’t need a thousand dollar suit, but wear something you would be comfortable wearing on a first date. Spend time grooming yourself as well.


Most people are nervous on camera, this is natural. The best way to overcome this is to have a friend sit with you beforehand, with the camera pointed at you, and just talk for a few minutes. This allows you to loosen up and look more natural on camera.

Honest Answers

While you are answering questions, be honest. However, you don’t want to be cocky either. If a question is asked that makes you uncomfortable or you don’t want to reveal the answer, either say so, or make a joke of it. You can tell the interviewer beforehand if there are questions you don’t want to be asked. It’s not uncommon to want to steer clear of questions regarding past sexual experiences or income levels, so don’t be afraid to say no to those questions.

Online Singles Clubs

Online singles clubs are a great way for singles to meet up with other singles who share the same interests. There are many types of singles clubs to choose from. This means if you want to meet a certain type of person you can find a club that suits that. For instance, there are online clubs for specific age groups, races, religious affiliation, and even activities. These online clubs are great for people to meet likeminded singles. Here are a few things you should be aware of before you join. In the real world there are also loads of swinging clubs, the same rules apply.

Application Process

Most online singles clubs will have some type of application process. In some cases it’s as simple as setting up a profile, and in other cases you will need to fill out a questionnaire and have the profile approved. Most will also have a fee associated with membership. If you want to try out the club first look for ones that have options for low cost or free trial memberships. Once you decide it’s a good online club for you, you can choose a membership level and a length of membership. You will usually get a discount for the longer membership levels.

Using the Features

Most online singles clubs will allow you to at least message other members. Some have more advanced technology, such as live chat and webcam chat options. These extra features allow you to connect with other club members in real time. It can be helpful to see if there is chemistry before you decide on a live face to face meeting.

Free Adult Dating On the Internet

Finding free adult sites isn’t a terribly difficult task, but there are some things you will need to watch out for. Many sites offer free memberships with such limited functionality that there isn’t a point in signing up. If you are looking for free adult sites, here are a few options.

Earning Credits

Many adult dating sites will allow users to earn credits toward membership by doing simple tasks. Some sites will give you credits for writing or responding to blogs, taking tests, and watching or uploading videos. These credits can be used to access areas that are otherwise reserved for members, or for writing premium emails and messages. Even if a site doesn’t offer a free option, you can use most features if you are able to earn credits.

Limited Memberships

Many adult dating sites will offer limited memberships for free. If you want to take advantage of the free membership, find sites that will still allow you to have contact with other members. If a free membership only allows you to browse, you will have to sit around and wait for other members to contact you. Even then, some sites will require you to upgrade to a paid membership before you can respond. You can find all this out by just trying out the site. If it allows you to send messages even if only a few a month, it could be worth your time to sign up for a free membership.

Free Time

Other sites will offer free features for a limited time throughout the year. The idea is to get you hooked so you end up having to pay for a membership later. If you find a site that offers a limited amount of time for free, it’s not a bad idea to take advantage of this. You’ll just have to work fast.